Christmas gift ideas for dog owners

It’s Black Friday, when lots of retailers are offering great deals and lots of people are doing their Christmas shopping, so it seems the ideal time for a post about Christmas gift ideas for dog owners and dog lovers.

Everything in this post has been personally tested out by myself and/or my cavapoo Ruby and only products that I genuinely love have been included. In the interest of transparency, Scruffs sent Ruby some items free of charge, but I won’t make any money from you buying them based on my recommendation.

I haven’t included details of other sources, partly because in some cases I don’t know where the person who gave me the product got it from, in some cases there are multiple retailers who offer the same product/service, and in some cases the products were homemade.

This gift guide isn’t about advertising or affiliate marketing; it’s about showing you gifts I’ve received that I adore because they’re based on Ruby or cavapoos or dogs in general, and maybe some of them will inspire you to buy or make similar gifts for your loved ones based on their own dog or favourite breed.

Scruffs’ luxurious Santa Paws collection includes a soft-walled bed and a blanket with a toy, modelled by Ruby above. They all feature the very festive Fair Isle design which really brightens up a room. The bed and blanket have super-soft faux fur and are machine washable. The bed must be as comfy as it looks because, given the freedom to choose between her old bed and this one, Ruby chooses this one, and she likes to use the wall of the bed as a pillow. Ruby absolutely loves the squeaky reindeer toy. When she first got it, her eyes lit up, she snatched it, ran off with it, and played with it for ages. It’s her new favourite.

Ruby looks very cute in her festive hoodie and loves the extra attention she gets when she wears it.

Having Ruby’s name on this food bowl makes it much more special.

I’m looking forward to wearing this doggy Christmas jumper because it arrived a few days too late last year!

These cavapoo socks are my favourite socks and the other socks, featuring dogs in Santa hats, are very festive.

The first keyring features a tiny Ruby and is so special I can’t use it for its intended purpose because I don’t want it to get damaged.

The second keyring is available in lots of different dog breeds. I’ve attached mine to my car key.

Like the first keyring above, this fridge magnet was specially made for me and is unique. I plan to keep it forever.

This shadow box commemorates Ruby’s ‘Gotcha Day’ but you could also do one to mark a birthday or special occasion such as ‘first Christmas’.

You can buy kits to immortalise your dog’s paw print in clay or non-toxic paint, which makes a lovely keepsake.

It’s really easy to get your own photos put onto items such as a canvas, mug or set of fridge magnets for a personal touch around the home.

It’s a little more time consuming, but rewarding, to make your own calendar or photo book. I was really touched when I received these.

This ‘pom-pom Ruby’ is absolutely brilliant and it warms my heart every time I look at it.

There are several companies offering personalised story books which are great fun.

Presents are always more special when they’re customised for you and other examples include this engraved wooden heart and these photo baubles for a Christmas tree.

Other products to show passion for a particular breed include this ‘nodding dog’ for the car and this sign for the home.

I love these little silver dog earrings even if they’re not cavapoos!

Life Lessons I Learned from my Dog is a beautifully illustrated book which makes you smile as you flick through it.