Story: What’s in Store?

Today is National Writing Day – a celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing – so I’m sharing a short story I wrote a while ago. The challenge was to write a story within a certain word limit, using dialogue only. I hope you enjoy it.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Fletcher. How are you … Read the rest

Date Night ideas for couples at home

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in one way or another and it’s important for our mental health to stick together and keep our spirits up.

When you’ve spent all day around each other, a date with your partner might be the last thing you feel like doing, especially if you’ve been looking after … Read the rest

Leave the seagulls alone

Everyone’s talking about seagulls at the moment. Well, seagulls and the heatwave. And the fact we’ve just got a new Prime Minister. But mostly seagulls.

Every summer lots of people, especially those in coastal areas like Torbay, grumble about seagulls. They’re generally referring to herring gulls, who are renowned for scattering litter and stealing chips.… Read the rest