It’s far too early to think about Christmas

Today is the 25th of September; in three months’ time it will be Christmas Day. But the shops are already ramming Christmas down our throats and I know I’m not alone in thinking IT’S FAR TOO EARLY!

I spotted some Christmas goods on the shelves weeks ago, well over a quarter of a year from Christmas Day. Christmas is apparently now a whole season, as long as Spring or Summer.

Christmas is a magical time of year, but when the Christmas period is so drawn out, it feels less special, less of a novelty. Wizzard might ‘wish it could be Christmas every day’, but then it would be totally normal. We would probably be sick of hearing Wizzard on the radio too.

Christmastime, at least in this country, is associated with things like snow, snuggling up in front of a fire, and mistletoe, but at the moment the sun is still shining, it’s still T-shirt weather and the hydrangeas are still blooming. Let us enjoy the season we’re in.

Halloween is still around one month off, so it’s fair enough that the shops have begun to stock Halloween-themed food, decorations, costumes and so on, but it doesn’t look right seeing skeletons, witches and scary pumpkins right next to friendly Santa, Rudolph and snowmen.  

I understand that people with a tight budget need to spread the cost of Christmas, but there’s only so much you can get in advance. The mince pies in my local supermarket, for example, have a best before date of mid-November.

Also, the further from Christmas you buy someone a present, the greater the risk that the recipient will get it for themselves, if they’re an adult, or lose interest in it and move onto a new fad, if they’re a child. And in that case you might have to buy something else as well.

It’s impossible to go on social media now without seeing at least one or two people you know starting to count down the weeks till Christmas Day, and even the people I know who adore Christmas think it’s too soon.

Christmas isn’t even the next big day after Halloween; there’s still Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night to come. And then there’s still around a month to go before people can even dig out their advent calendars.

I don’t even want to think about Christmas for another couple of months because I don’t want to wish my year away (and I won’t be putting up any decorations before the 1st of December). By then, the clocks will have gone back, the days will be darker, and all the fairy lights will actually be useful.

I’m not a Scrooge; I love Christmas and when the time comes I’ll get right into the festive spirit – but it’s not time for that yet. Happy September folks.